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Episode 10 – MoonshotEdu Show – The Educational Entrepreneur’s Code

Education is a multi-billion dollar industry today, but being involved in the field of education, whether as an individual, non-profit, or for-profit entity, comes with certain social responsibilities. In this episode, Dr. Bernard Bull argues that there are at least five core areas of responsibility, all focused upon ultimately promoting an educational ecosystem that serves and educates learners as a top priority.

Episode 2 – MoonshotEdu Show – 11 Must Read Books for the Educational Entrepreneur

In this second episode, Dr. Bernard Bull shares the 11 must read books for educational entrepreneurs or social entrepreneurs in the education sector. Along the way, he shares about the power of books in his life and a variety of insights gleaned from these and related books. Look below for a list of the books an links to Amazon in case you are interested in getting started with your reading!


Want to skip right to the books? Here you go, but just know that the podcast is more than just a quick list. I also include key insights from each book while expanding on those ideas as well.