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Episode 27 – Ideas are Bad For your School – An Interview with Michael Schrage

In this interview with Michael Schrage, research fellow at MIT and author of the Innovator’s Hypothesis, we challenge the assumption that good ideas are the best way to innovate in education. Instead, Schrage makes a compelling argument for focusing upon testable hypothesis that we turn into cheap, quick experiments that build a culture of innovation and offer actionable insights for moving forward.

Episode 23 – The Value of Thinking Small and Innovation Experiments with Matt Candler

In this conversation with Matt Candler, who collaborated to start dozens of schools around the country and now serves as Founder and CEO of 4.0 Schools, we explore the future of school, access and equity in education, the importance of innovative with people instead of innovating to people, the value of thinking small, as well as the importance of iterative experiments in educational innovation.